When it comes to numbers from the FDA, I don’t just blindly believe their charts. I do my own research to validate the FDA’s numbers.

To do so, I purchased a long list of fresh fruits and vegetables at a grocery store in Central Texas. Those samples were then prepped for the lab, and I fed all the exceed organic produce to my goats.

Here’s what we found in our lab: (ALL these foods tested at zero tungsten).

The highest lead I found, in fact, was in potatoes, which clocked in at .040 ppm lead and .019 cadmium.

As you can see from the combined results of my own lab plus the FDA’s document, most fresh groceries contain near-zero lead, cadmium, mercury and tungsten. (Yes, the mercury level in all these foods was ZERO, too. The highest mercury I found was just .004 ppm in some Kale).

So people who are claiming that all these foods are “higher in lead” than rice protein are flat-out lying to you. It’s simply not true.

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