Some recommendations on the products and their acquisition.

For an appetizing roast or barbecue with sausages and blood sausage, it is convenient to buy individual portions and not those that are tied or in strips like some that are available in the market. Therefore, the sausages and blood sausages that we have at Mr. Fermore facilitate their handling on the grill, especially the blood sausage, which is a very delicate product in its cooking and we must seek comfort to prevent it from breaking.

When purchasing products such as sausages and blood sausage, it is very important to access a trusted supplier such as Mr. Fermore, who guarantees the quality of the products, since their hygiene processes, packaging and rigorous control of expiration dates will avoid unnecessary problems at the time of consumption.

For a barbecue or barbecue with chorizo ​​and blood sausage, it is advisable to consume fresh products. If this is not possible due to the fact that the product was frozen, it is better to separate the quantity to be consumed and keep the remaining product frozen, to avoid decomposition problems due to interruption of its cold chain.

A delicious barbecue with Chorizos and Morcilla.

For the different tastes and palates in your barbecue, Mr. Fermore allows you to select various types of chorizo: Antioqueno chorizo, Mexican chorizo, Guatemalan chorizo, Argentine chorizo ​​and cuscatleco chorizo, with the best quality and flavor in all its presentations.

Whatever your choice, before going to the grill it is necessary to suck them to prevent them from exploding, and if possible, place them on a skewer to facilitate their manipulation during the cooking process.

Place them on the grill at a moderate temperature. The ideal height over the coals or the grill flame is 15cm to 20cm. The heat of the grill or grill can be measured with our palm on the grill, placing it about 10cm above it. If we can keep it for 3 seconds without burning, the temperature is correct.

The chorizos should be turned on the grill a quarter of a turn every 3 to 5 minutes. A complete turn will take between 12 and 20 minutes depending on the size of the product, temperature of the grill and the taste of the grill. The important thing is that the product is well cooked, but not parched.

To serve them they can be delivered in individual portion on the skewer accompanied by cooked potato (Creole or common), roasted arepa or they can be removed from the skewer and served whole or sliced ​​with pieces of arepa, cooked potato, lemon, you can even add Chonto tomato chopped into triangles with salt and lemon, served as a chopped tray to share.

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