A delicious morsel, Colombian arepas – tender and irresistible! Arepas are a very old food, a round dough made with corn flour.

Arepas already existed in indigenous communities before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in America. Centuries later arepas are still a staple food in countries like Venezuela or Colombia, it’s like bread, they eat it with everything. In another article by Periodista Digital we made easy spelt bread, today arepas colombianas

History of the arepas

Who created the arepas, the Venezuelans or the Colombians? The answer is that if you ask Venezuelans and Colombians, they don’t agree, the Venezuelans say it was them, but the Colombians also. The Colombians say that the arepa without filling was created by them, the Venezuelans say that the arepa is like “the bread of Venezuela.

What do the historical facts say? Ocarina Castillo, an anthropologist from the Central University of Venezuela, tells BBC Mundo. She is the author of the book, ‘Los panes de esta tierra’. It has been demonstrated that this foodstuff predates the Conquest of America. The instruments used to prepare different recipes with corn are described in different documents.

On the other hand, according to the Venezuelan historian Miguel Felipe Dorta, according to the records of the Cumanagotos Indians, who lived in Sucre, today a Venezuelan state, the arepas were called “erepa”, and it was a round corn peace. But this fact does not guarantee that they were discovered in Venezuela, it was only recorded that when the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Sucre they heard the natives speak of the ‘erepas’.

Being such an ancient food, the issue of determining its creation is complicated. It is known that the first record of the existence of corn in Colombia dates back 3,000 years, while in Venezuela it is 2,800 years old. So to settle the argument about who invented arepas, whether Venezuelan or Colombian, there is an answer: ‘tablas’ or ties.

According to Julián Estrada, a Colombian anthropologist, telling BBC Mundo, these figures tell us that the creation of arepas can be almost simultaneous in both countries.

According to historical records, Venezuelans will continue to think the arepa is of their creation, and Colombians the same. What is proven is that it is a very old food that had nothing to do with the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors to America.

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